All chapters are invited to display posters at the 2010 Midwest Workshop which detail or exhibit their projects. Chapters bringing posters will receive a prize.

Posters will be displayed on Saturday morning, among other times.

All project posters must be emailed to by November 5th for approval, though chapters must bring their own printed copy of the poster to the Workshop. A pdf of the file is preferred, but a picture of the poster is sufficient. is recommended for those needing to email large files. Those unable to email their posters in time may solicit for approval at the workshop.

It is recommended that the poster incorporate as many of the following elements as feasible:

  • Chapter Name
  • Project Name
  • Community name
  • Project phase (or indication of project's history)
  • Project contact email/web site
  • Names of professional partner groups involved in project
  • Names of partner organizations in local community
  • Names of significant donors or contributors to the project
  • Project description, challenges, how challenges were overcome, and how the project has (or will) benefit the community
  • EWB chapter logo
  • Project cost

It is required that all fonts be of a readable size.

Questions can be directed to